Before and After: The Restoration of a Rare, Vintage Cartier Tank Watch

In 2011, the BBC TV series “Antiques Roadshow” featured a wrist Breitling replica watches UK in truly terrible condition. Much to the totally unsuspecting owners’ surprise, their piece of scrap metal turned out to be a rare early Cartier Tank watch from the 1920s (as indicated by the cabochon), with an estimated value of £5,000. It was given to the family’s great-uncle as a payment from an insolvent gentleman a long time ago.

Three years and a rather impressive restoration later, the best Breitling replica watches returned to the show last autumn (Season 37, Episode 1) in almost good-as-new condition: a team at Cartier replaced the hands, restored the dial, and fitted the fake Omega watches with a new winding stem, among other things. Here you can see the result:

Cartier Tank - Restored

Now, while we do not want to agree or disagree with the watch’s new estimated value of £40,000 to £50,000, this is certainly one of those stories that will warm the heart of any Breitling replica watches online collector. And, as the proud owners concluded, it was “worth getting fixed, definitely.”

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