Going Deep On The UK Swiss Made Replica Omega Ploprof For Sale

When it comes to the asymmetrical, Millennium Falcon-esque design of the UK Swiss fake Omega Ploprof, you can love it or hate it. But there’s absolutely no denying the fact that it’s truly a feat of horological engineering and represents one of the most intense function-forward product development efforts from a major manufacturer.

In this thoroughly researched exploration of the Ploprof, you’ll learn how Frederic Robert took the best quality replica Omega PloProf from a wacky idea to a wacky watch. The case is made from a single block of “Uranus steel,” but that’s just 1:1 copy Omega-speak for 904L stainless steel, which was used much later, around the year 2000, by Rolex. Speaking of Submariners, the cheap fake Omega Seamaster Ploprof was priced at double the Submariner.

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