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Cheap Replica Vacheron Constantin watches and ballet. Indeed Vacheron Constantin is an ardent supporter of the arts around the world.
Can Vacheron’s dedication to dance be questioned?

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Their collaboration with the New York City Ballet over the past three years results each spring in one of New York’s social calendar highlights.

And so, Thursday afternoon this week I found myself getting ready to go out for the evening.

 photo 2015-05-07 14.44.05_zpsteeewa3d.jpg

On my way…

 photo 2015-05-07 17.35.13_zpsw8c6tvm5.jpg
Before long I found myself here: Breitling replica watches

 photo 2015-05-07 18.02.23_zps7usekopg.jpg

Ah, yes, this must be the right place.

 photo 2015-05-07 18.05.55_zpsezzce2wb.jpg

Enjoying a little of this…

 photo 2015-05-07 21.18.11_zpsz7fipo3g.jpg
…and a little of that…

 photo 2015-05-07 23.15.06_zpsgsrz4fkj.jpg

It was a privilege to see the Ballet Master in Chief and legend, Peter Martins:

 photo 2015-05-07 22.13.20_zpsl34tsr9m.jpg
Most of all I enjoyed the company of some fellow watch and dance enthusiasts who had some nice wrist adornments.

 photo 2015-01-05 12.36.53_zpszbc6p7rn.jpg
One very fine gentleman was wearing the Chronometre Royal 1907. This watch has really grown on me, and I might have been jealous, except that I like the fellow wearing it far too much to do anything but enjoy his obvious pleasure in wearing this modern masterpiece. I had not until now noticed the similarity in the hands of the CR 1907 and those on the new Harmony watches. Not exactly the same, but there is an air of familiarity. no?

 photo 2015-05-07 23.30.34_zpsszhvjhpu.jpg

There was not one but two of these Malte Tourbillons in attendance. Fantastic to see even one of these rare birds in the wild, but two!!!!!!!

 photo 2015-05-07 23.20.39_zpso2wkstff.jpg

More double pleasure, this time in platinum.

 photo 2015-05-07 23.28.37_zpsbzvx2af6.jpg

The two watches above are not exactly the same. Can you spot the difference?

I am grateful to all at Vacheron Constantin North America and the New York City Ballet for creating a truly magical evening.

 photo 2015-05-07 23.37.58_zpswfjeah5w.jpg

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