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Vacheron Constantin Swiss Replica Watches Heure Audacieuse

Replica Watches UK — Last model of cheap Replica Vacheron Constantin’s Heures Créatives collection, L’Heure Audacieuse, dedicated to the woman of the 70’s.

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At the occasion of Watches&Wonders, Vacheron Constantin presented its new collection of diamond-set watches entirely dedicated to women. The Heures Créatives models engage in a lively conversation between three emblematic artistic periods: Art Nouveau, Art Deco and the 1970s. We have already introduced you L’Heure Discrète and L’Heure Romantique, now we present you the last model of the collection, L’Heure Audacieuse.

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The 1970s woman enjoyed every imaginable freedom. Liberated and emancipated, she tried out every unusual experience without a care in the world. She cut her hair like a boy and wore a tuxedo. This was the beginning of androgyny and the blurring of genres, the time of post-Woodstock Pop Art. The Heure Audacieuse freed women from their last remaining shackles and marked the return of stylistic devices. This avant-garde model diverted the belt from its customary use by turning it into a precious cuff watch: an unexpected style expressed by Vacheron Constantin in 1970 and an aesthetic wager that was already won hands down at the time. This year, the Manufacture has transcended the original version by magnifying the dimensions while curving its dynamics. The design of this crisp, clean style remains every bit as exclusive as when it was first introduced.

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Heure Audacieuse ref. 37560/000G-B028.
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The buckle that serves as a case glows with the effect of snow-set round-cut diamonds – a distinctive setting technique that achieves a subtle sparkling effect by juxtaposing diamonds of different sizes. The master gemsetter has nestled the precious stones against each other to entirely cover the entire white gold surface. So as not to detract from the design, the winding crown is hidden under the black satin strap, matching the colour of the satin-finish varnished dial.


Heure Audacieuse ref. 37660/000G-B028.
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The Heure Audacieuse model is also available in a precious version with 172 invisibly set baguette-cut diamonds totalling 11.30 carats, accentuating the modernity of the design. The Heure Audacieuse cuff watch is designed for a self-assured woman willing to proclaim her distinctive personality and her independence.

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