Rolex Replica Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Watches With Green Dial

Rolex fake watches are well-loved by many people. The submariner watches are no exception. These copy Rolex Submariner Date watches have a green dial and the scales are made of ceramics. The watch glass is made of high-hardness sapphire crystal to ensure it firm and durable. Their watch cases and chains are made of stainless steel that is highly corrosion-resistant and endures any acid. Stainless steel is also easy to be highly polishable.

rolex with green dial

Rolex copy watches with progressive rotating outer circle are favorites of divers. With the waterproof technology of Rolex developing, the diving depth has changed from 100m at first to 300m at present. Rolex copy watches uses the clock movement that is certificated by COSC(the Swiss Official Chronometer Control) and are allocated by Paraflex damping device. The movement is also automatic and mechanical. It can be able to run without changing batteries.

Rolex submariner date

The appearance of submariner watches has provided best companion for specialized divers. Rolex uses green as dial colour, which is different from common colours like white or black. Because of green dial, the fake Rolex watches are fashionable and unique, and also suitable for people groups pursuing individuality.

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