Two Luxury Patek Philippe Replica Watches For Sale UK

Two Platinum Ref. 96 Examples In the Fake Patek Philippe Museum

Next up, we have two platinum examples that now sit in the best fake Patek Philippe Museum. The first sold at Antiquorum for a hefty $1.1 million way back in 1990. Today, you’ll find it in the Patek Philippe Museum – this image comes from the Museum’s book. According to the Swiss made replica Patek Philippe Museum, this Ref. 96 was delivered to the Bulova Watch Company in New York in 1940. Movement 860,231; case 295,442.

Not pictured is the other platinum Ref. 96 in the 1:1 super clone Patek Philippe Museum, which has the same platinum case and roulette dial configuration as Phillips’ Reference 96. It sold for $2 million in 2002.

Platinum Replica Patek Philippe Ref. 96, Recased In 1935

Finally, we have another platinum example that was sold by Guillermin Paris in 1939. It last sold publicly in 2010 for CHF 483,000. This cheap fake Patek Philippe Ref. 96 had an interesting early history: It was born in 1927 in a tonneau-shaped case; apparently, no one really liked tonneau cases then (a global depression at the same time probably didn’t help either), and it was recased into a platinum 96 case in 1935 and sold that same year. Notice how the case and movement numbers of the previous examples are in an extremely tight range, and this Swiss movement copy Patek Philippe’s not? That’s why. It looks like the dial was also later redone, perhaps in the ’50s or ’60s. Movement: 198,103; case 294,400.

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