Two Perfect Patek Philippe Replica Watches Online

Fake Patek Philippe 5970J

The biggest interconnected group of watches in Ed’s collection is luxury fake Patek Philippe perpetuals. He says Hodinkee’s Reference Points on the perpetual calendar chronograph was his initiation into that world. He started with a 5970, but as we’ll see, it wasn’t long before he got into the vintage references. Here we have a yellow-gold 5970J. There’s nothing special about Ed’s that you wouldn’t have found in Swiss made replica Patek Philippe‘s catalog – no retailer stamp, no customization, no nothing. But that’s part of what makes this watch so good.
As for what he did with the box from the first 1:1 fake Patek Philippe he bought? You’ll have to watch the full video for that story.

Replica Patek Philippe 2499
After the 5970, Ed went deep on the history of AAA quality replica Patek Philippe‘s perpetual calendar chronographs. After the 1518, the first serially-produced perpetual calendar chrono, came the reference 2499. From 1950 through 1985, Swiss movement fake Patek Philippe produced just 349 examples of the 2499. Ed’s is a later example in yellow gold, distinguished by its round chronograph pushers and lack of any tachymeter scale on the edge of the dial. He showed it to us on a bund strap, because why not?

The high quality fake Patek Philippe ref. 2499 is one of the most collectible and studied references in all of vintage super clone watches for sale. It’s a serious watch for a serious collector, but what makes Ed’s even better is that he’s been spotted wearing it on red carpets and at events.

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