UK Blue Steel Pointer Bovet Dimier Recital 17 Copy Watches

The replica Bovet Recital 17 is the fake Bovet Dimier series third watch that carries the Virtuoso senior II movement. This new movement has already manifested diversified functions in the copy Bovet Recital 12 and copy Bovet Recital 15 and the quality of the fake Bovet watch, the time precision, the aesthetic feeling and perceptual has no concessions for accommodating all sorts of complex functions. The replica leather strap Bovet Recital 17 equipped with three time and phases of the moon and accurate display of the southern hemisphere.

leather strap copy BOVET Dimier Récital 17

The design of the copy white gold bezel Bovet that implement the essence of the fake Bovet DIMIER series and completes various features: there is a crown at 3 o’ckock and the four watch ear adopts the traditional cascade design, and the fashion hollow out dial perspective movement has complex mechanical devices, with precision operation and meticulous decoration.

bule steel pointer fake BOVET Dimier Récital 17

The fake Bovet Recital 17 has three time function, in the center of the dial that are revealed the local time and this is convenient to clear read the local time. And other two timezone dials are each located in 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock and each dial has 24 time zones to choose from, in addition to the time display, there are 24 cities to choose day and night, every city represents a time zone.

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