UK Elegant Replica Breitling Galactic Watches For Couples

Galactic is the model of fashion and elegance. Each edition is elaborate and exquisite. Today, I’m glad to share you two superb fake Breitling watches, which are designed for couples. The stainless steel watches are decorated with diamonds that add charm to the watches.

The 36 mm fake watches have red leather straps.

36 MM Fake Breitling Galactic A7433063 Watches

  • Female Copy Breitling Galactic A7433063 Watches

The 36 mm watches have diamonds on the bezels and lugs. Together, there are diamond hour marks and small date windows on the white mother-of-pearl dials. Moreover, the attractive watches have red alligator leather straps that are beautiful and suitable for females.

The 41 mm copy watches have wine red leather straps.

41 MM Copy Breitling Galactic A49350LA Watches

  • Male Replica Breitling Galactic A49350LA Watches

The 41 mm watches have non-directional rotating bezels with diamonds and also appealing mother-of-pearl dials with diamond hour marks and large date windows. Besides, the generous watches have dark wine red alligator leather straps that are suitable for men and echo with the female version.

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